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RAD Studio 10.2

The Ultimate Application Development Platform for Windows 10, Mac, Mobile, and IoT


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RAD Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building Win32 applications. The RAD Studio IDE provides a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and simplify the development life cycle. The tools available in the IDE depend on the version of RAD Studio you are using. The following sections briefly describe these tools.

Designing User Interfaces

On the RAD Studio visual designer surface, you can create graphical user interfaces by dragging and dropping components from the Tool Palette to a form. Using the designers, you can create Windows Forms applications that use the extensive Visual Component Library (VCL). You can also customise your applications for different versions of Windows.

Generating and Editing Code

RAD Studio auto-generates much of your application code as soon as you begin a project. To help you complete the remaining application logic, the text-based Code Editor provides features such as refactoring, synchronised editing, code completion, recorded keystroke macros, and custom key mappings. Syntax highlighting and code folding make your code easier to read and navigate.

Compiling, Debugging, and Deploying Applications

Within the IDE, you can set compiler options, compile and run your application, and view compiler messages. RAD Studio integrates MSBuild as a build engine, and both the compile and build commands invoke MSBuild. You can explicitly run MSBuild either by using the command line, or by using the RAD Studio Command Prompt on the Start menu. The RAD Studio Command Prompt opens a command console window and automatically sets the path to point to the MSBuild excecutable and sets the environment variable BDS to point to your installation directory.

Compiler options, and several other Project > Options, can be saved as named build configurations, which you can apply to specific projects. By default, the IDE provides a Debug and a Release build configuration.

The integrated Win32 debugger helps you find and fix runtime and logic errors, control program execution, and step through code to watch variables and modify data values. RAD Studio includes InstallAware for creating Windows Installer setups.

Modeling Applications

The UML Modeling can help you improve the performance, effectiveness, and maintainability of your applications by creating a detailed visual design before you ever write a line of code.

What's New in RAD Studio 10.2

RAD Studio 10.2 continues the mantra of helping developers build cross-platform native apps faster than ever before, ready for the largest audience possible.

RAD Studio 10.2 includes the first RAD Studio Linux compiler, improved IDE menus for faster navigation, a host of FireMonkey updates and new features, new TDataSet capabilities, multi-tenancy support in RAD Server, updates to FireDAC, a number of RTL enhancements, improvements in SOAP support, greatly improved compiled C++ performance, and more.

  • RAD Studio 10.2 follows the 10.1.2 release that introduced the first IDE to offer Windows 32bit and 64bit developers access to the Windows store via the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge, expanding AppStore support to Windows, macOS, iOS and Android stores.
  • The RAD Studio IDE now includes its first LLVM based Linux compiler for Enterprise development, enabling Delphi developers to target 64-bit Intel Linux servers and devices. The Linux compiler is certified for Ubuntu Server (LTS 16.04) and RedHat Enterprise (V7) and is built on top of the LLVM engine. ARC is enabled for effective memory management, while to ensure compatibility with code written for Windows Server, one based strings are used by default.
  • Connect to MySQL, Advantage Database Server, Sybase ASA, IBM DB2, Firebird, InterBase, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL, SQLite, and Teradata on Linux.
  • Wide range of FireMonkey Improvements
  • New and improved database capabilities
  • New improvements for C++
  • And much more...


RAD Studio Editions

RAD Studio is available in these editions – Professional, Enterprise, and Architect. Choose the RAD Studio edition that's right for you

Pro Enterprise Architect
Develop 32-bit Windows apps Yes Yes Yes
Develop 64-bit Windows apps Yes Yes Yes
Develop OS X apps Yes Yes Yes
Develop Universal 32-bit and 64-bit iOS apps      
Develop Android apps Yes Yes Yes
Develop Linux apps      
Comprehensive VCL and FireMonkey component sets Yes Yes Yes
Library source code Yes Yes Yes
Build database apps with local/embedded connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Build database apps with client/server connectivity Optional* Yes Yes
Enterprise Mobility Services1 (Developer License) Optional*    
DataSnap multi-tier framework   Yes Yes
SQL database tools     Yes
Data modeling tools     Yes
Commercial use license Full Full Full
Access to earlier version licenses Yes Yes Yes

* Requires FireDAC Client/Server Add-On Pack for RAD Studio Professional
1 Additional per user deployment fee required

See the RAD Studio full Feature Matrix (PDF) for a more detailed comparison.



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