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Flasher 5 PRO

Flasher 5 PRO is a programming tool for Renesas M16C/62, M16C/80, M32C, M79, R32C, R8C series of microcontrollers. This tool allows programming of MCU via serial synchronous or asynchronous interface in circuit only. A target system is required.

Flasher 5 PROFeatures

  • Small, compact housing
  • Easy to use windows program
  • Free software updates, 2 years of support
  • Serial (in target) programming supported
  • Programming / Verifying / Read back supported
  • 64MByte internal Flash memory to store target program
  • High speed programming: app. 17 sec for 256 kb in serial mode with 10 MHz M16C target for programming and verification
  • Can be used in a production environment
  • PC program allows batch mode processing for usage in automated test systems.
  • Once set up, Flasher can be controlled without the use of PC program
  • ASCII command interface to control Flasher without the use of PC program

Package content

Flasher 5 PRO is delivered with the following components:
Flasher 5 PRO IDC target
interface cable
Ethernet cable RS232 cable 1:1 female / male USB cable USB power supply

Performance of MCUs with internal flash memory

The following table lists program and erase performance values for different controllers.

Microcontroller Memory Size Blank check Erase time Program Program & Verify Verify
R8C/1B4 R5F211B4SP 18 KB 1.9s 2.1s 3.9s 4.7s 1.8s
R8C/L38C R5F2L38CCNFP 132 KB 2.8s 3.2s 13.1s 17.9s 5.9s
M32C/87 M30879FLGP 1024 KB 11.6s 11.4s 29.1s 42.1s 13.5s

10-pin Needle Adapter

SEGGER offers the 10-pin Needle Adapter, which has been designed to connect Flasher 5, Flasher 5 PRO, Flasher ST7 or Flasher STM8 to a PCB which does not come with a mating connector or programming header. The designed pattern with 3 locating pins ensures, that the adapter can only be connected in one way.

The 10-pin needle adapter allows manufacturers to save costs and space on their PCBs since there is no need to provide the PCB with additional connectors. It adapts from the 10-pin, 0.1 inch connector to a 10-pin, 0.05 inch needle pattern.



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