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The #1 selling, most powerful, value priced text editor.

UltraEdit boxUltraEdit is the ideal text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and Programmer's editor. It's versatile and easy to use. UltraEdit is specially designed for inputting and editing text and code, UltraEdit supports configurable syntax highlighting and code structuring for most any programming languages.

With its clear layout and powerful project and workspace features, it can handle complex and sophisticated software-development projects. Despite UltraEdit's vast range of features, UltraEdit never feels overwhelming. It's flexible and easy to customise, handles files in excess of 4GB, and the polished user interface provides easy access to the most important options.

Without further ado, we present the top 10 things you must know about UltraEdit:

  1. Widely considered the defacto standard in text and programming editors
  2. Nominated/Winner "Application of the Year" and other coveted industry awards year-after-year
  3. TOP RATED by PC Magazine and Download.com senior editorial staff
  4. Published by a debt-free, US-based, CISP Compliant software corporation for 12-plus years
  5. Renowned support: Got a problem? Feature request? Need a quote? We are here to help...
  6. Editor of choice for over two million users and many Fortune 100, 500, 1000 corporations
  7. Featured internationally in numerous magazines, websites, books, and more...
  8. Hundreds of available features in an incredibly customisable interface
  9. New release and updates published several times per year - fully localised in 8 languages.
  10. Comes with UltraCompare Lite FREE, one-year upgrades FREE, and lifetime support...


UltraEdit Suite

UltraEdit Suite

  • Latest versions of UE, UC, UF, UFTP
  • Win, Mac & Linux versions*
  • Free upgrade to the next release
  • Unlimited lifetime tech support
  • Up to 3 unique installs

Four great products. One great price.

UltraEdit Studio Suite

UltraEdit Studio Suite

  • Latest versions of UES, UC, UF, UFTP
  • Win, Mac & Linux versions of UC
  • Free upgrade to the next release
  • Unlimited lifetime tech support
  • Up to 3 unique installs



UltraEdit box

UEStudio offers all the text editing functionality of UltraEdit and includes an array of powerful development features to help accelerate your workflow across larger scale projects.

Work in groups or teams? Using version control? Need to save time? Need more power? UEStudio delivers the storied reliablity, flexibility and power of UltraEdit with some serious enhancements for developers and power users – Intellitips, the ClassViewer, PHP and Ruby scripting support, compiling and building support, and Subversion, cvs and Git integration.

What can you use UEStudio for...

Interact with your Git repos directly from Workspace Manager (Project or Explorer pane)
Your Git repositories, including current status info, is at your fingertips in both the Project and Explorer pane of UEStudio's Workspace Manager. If Git is already installed and enabled on your system, UEStudio will automatically detect and import your current Git configuration and repository information.

  • Development Platform
  • Resource Editor
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Class Viewer
  • IntelliTips
  • VCS (Version Control)

UltraEdit and UEStudio both include powerful features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, integrated scripting and macro support, and more. However, there are some key differences between UltraEdit and UEStudio such as version control, language intelligence, and integrated development tools.


UltraEdit box

Compare files. Compare folders. Merge Differences.

UltraCompare is a folder compare and file compare application loaded with features to enable you to compare text files and folders, word documents, and even zip files and jar archives. UltraCompare includes text compare, binary file compare with the capability to merge differences between compared files. Got folders? UltraCompare also supports Folder compare - including local/network directory compare, zip file compare , and FTP Compare. UltraCompare supports automatic, easy folder synchronisation, and a duplicate file finder as well.

  • Text compare
  • Binary compare
  • File compare
  • Word doc compare
  • Folder compare
  • Merge files/folders

With automatic UltraEdit and UEStudio integration, UltraCompare is a compare tool you should not be without!


UltraEdit box

64-bit, UHD, native Unicode, easy to look at, and fun to use

UltraFTP is a personal, stand-alone FTP client built upon the framework of other IDM applications like UltraEdit and UltraCompare. Designed with maximum usability and performance in mind, UltraFTP offers full theme support, session support, an explorer interface, drag-and-drop transfers, and more. Even better, UltraFTP integrates with UltraEdit/UEStudio, UltraCompare, and UltraFinder to provide a seamless editing and publishing experience both on local and remote systems. UltraFTP supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.

  • Tabbed sessions
  • Split local and remote view
  • Drag-and-drop transfers
  • Global overwrite rules
  • Transfers window
  • Accounts & Sessions window
  • File preview window
  • FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support
  • UltraEdit / UEStudio / UltraCompare / UltraFinder integration


UltraEdit box

Find text in files. Find and remove duplicates. Fast.

Find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds...on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server! UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere. UltraFinder also allows you to find duplicates and eliminate or delete duplicates, keeping your computer clean and uncluttered while conserving hard drive space. Search your way with a variety of settings to tweak your search to perfection.

Your Windows operating system offers limited find options — UltraFinder includes two powerful but quick and easy to use modes for finding what you need when you need it: Find Files and Find Duplicates.

  • Find files by name or content
  • Find and eliminate duplicates
  • Search on FTP/SFTP locations
  • Search PDF files
  • Search Word docs (.doc/.docx)
  • Sortable results

UltraEdit/UltraCompare Mobile

The power of UltraEdit & UltraCompare bundle, wherever you need it.

Take the #1 selling, most powerful text editing solution with you: home, office, or onsite.

Access the same countless features of UltraEdit/UltraCompare - macros, scripting, syntax highlighting, column mode, code folding, Unicode support, FTP/Telnet, etc. - all from your flash drive.

  • Installs on PortableApps
  • Same features of UE/UC
  • Leaves no footprint on host computer
  • Take UE/UC anywhere
  • *Flash drive not included



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