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Top New Features in AdminStudio 2018
  • Application Manager User Interface Redesign
    The Application Manager user interface has been redesigned and updated to provide a clean, modern look that makes it easy to navigate through application readiness tasks.
  • Consolidation of Functionality in Application Manager
    The focus has shifted to make Application Manager the central application in the entire AdminStudio toolkit.
  • New App Risk Module (ARM) to Identify Security Vulnerabilities
    AdminStudio 2018 introduces the App Risk Module (ARM), which enables you to scan applications to identify those with security vulnerabilities. You will be able to view detailed reports of identified vulnerabilities for an application, and will be notified of any fixes or patches that are available.
  • Legacy Add-On Packs Now Included with Professional and Enterprise Editions
    AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions now include all of the features that were previously only available in the Virtualization, Application Compatibility, and Mac and Mobile add-on packs.
  • InstallShield 2018
    AdminStudio 2018 includes InstallShield 2018.


AdminStudio makes short work of application deployment chores such as updates, new releases, new applications, and Windows 10 migrations. More than a packaging tool, AdminStudio arms your IT team with a complete application readiness solution, enabling you to identify and mitigate issues before pulling the deployment trigger. No more surprises.

With AdminStudio, you can:

  • Improve service quality and streamline service delivery
  • Decrease risk and embrace new technologies faster
  • Eliminate mobile application security and compatibility concerns
  • Reliably prepare and deploy application virtualisation formats
  • Integrate seamlessly with leading software deployment systems
  • Simplify and unify application management with standardised processes
  • Boost efficiency with a central application repository
  • Identify application packaging issues in minutes instead of days


AdminStudio Virtualization

Accelerate Application Virtualization and Manage Virtual Packages

AdminStudio Virtualization Pack prepares software for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of virtualization compatibility testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. With support for all leading virtual formats in a single tool, Virtualization Pack fast tracks application virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrasructer (VDI) projects. « more »

Legacy Add-On Packs Now Included with Professional and Enterprise Editions

Starting with AdminStudio 2018, AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions now include all of the features that were previously only available in the Virtualization, Application Compatibility, and Mac and Mobile add-on packs.

Starting with AdminStudio 2018, all virtualization, application compatibility, and Apple / macOS features are now available in Professional and Enterprise Editions at no extra cost.

Java Detection and Dependency Reporting

There are more than 300 versions of Java. But only one you. AdminStudio ferrets out the Java dependencies in your application portfolio. No matter how many. It helps you reduce risks and costs because you're focusing QA efforts where they're needed. It also reports end-of-life info for Java dependencies. Simplifying your life. That's what we do. Worn out from wrestling with Java variants? Put AdminStudio Java Dependencies in your corner. So you can:

  • Assess the impact of Java dependency within your application portfolio
  • Uncover older, unsupported versions of Java that put your apps at risk
  • Assess operational risk by checking application and configuration dependencies for 300+ versions of Java
  • Power the daily application readiness process for predictable application delivery.

Application Compatibility

Rolling out new enterprise applications? Migrating to Windows 10? Application incompatibilities can give you nightmares. Fortunately, AdminStudio Application Compatibility identifies and resolves 95% of all compatibility issues before deployment or migration. And it keeps you updated on how things are going with ongoing audit reports. You'll reduce time and lower costs. Sleep well.

Find and fix compatibility issues with AdminStudio Application Compatibility to:

  • Make life easier for users by fixing incompatibilities before you roll out applications
  • Migrate to Windows 10 with confidence by ensuring all your apps will play well together after migration
  • Quickly create a fix-list by automatically hunting down applications and installers with known compatibility issues
  • Provide overall status on errors, warnings, and other compatibility issues from multiple viewpoints for all applications
  • Take the guesswork out of tracking test and remediation progress by giving project teams visibility with audit trail reporting


Enterprise - Test and Remediate Applications in BulkĀ 

Professional - Test and Remediate Single Applications


AdminStudio is available in the following editions:

For IT organisations seeking an advanced application packaging solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable software deployment.

Filled with automated tools that make virtual application, compatibility testing for Windows, MAC, Android, and MSI packaging, easy, allowing administrators to prepare reliable, tested MSIs for conflict-free deployment to any Windows OS.

Provides a cost-effective way for virtual application and MSI software package creators to migrate applications to Windows Installer and gives control over MSI packaging, customisation and distribution activities.


AdminStudio 2018 Compare Editions

Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio SCCM packaging software automates application preparation to fix and package enterprise applications for leading software deployment tools.

  Basic Software Packaging Standard Application Redinesss Automate Continual Application Readiness
Detailed, Intuitive Reports and Dashboards      
Seamless Integration to Manage the Entire Application Lifecycle      
Application Catalog to Maintain and Manage Enterprise's Application Portfolio      
Interface to Popular Deployment Systems      
Complete automation via PowerShell Cmdlets      
Provision Virtual Machines for "Clean" Repackaging and Testing      
Test Applications for Quality, Conflicts and Best Practices      
Manage System Center Configuration Manager Application Metadata      
Forensic view of EXE Installers for Conflict Assessment and Reporting      
Advanced Editing with InstallShield - AdminStudio Edition      
Repackage Applications for Windows Installer      
Create Transforms to Customize Windows Installer Packages      
Manage Software Vulnerability Risk   Optional
Java Detection and Dependency Reporting  
Application Compatibility   Partial Complete
Accelerate Application Virtualization   Partial Complete
Simplify MAC OS X   Partial Complete
Maintain Mobile Application Readiness   Partial Complete
Simplifiy Scripting Challenges - PowerShell App Deployment   Partial Complete



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