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email: [email protected] Auckland 1142, New Zealand


MicroWay is Australia's largest distributor of development products and software for IT Professionals. With over 3,000 products and over 20,000 customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, we've been helping IT Professionals for over 30 years.

We assist developers, system administrators and other IT Professionals by encouraging the use of tried and tested, quality products.

Software development products fit into many categories including the category of "don't reinvent the wheel"—if someone has already written code to do what you're trying to do, why not just buy that code? Products of this sort are usually fairly robust after having been sold on the world market.

We have many tools that assist programmers and IT professionals in many different areas, e.g.:

  • repackaging and deployment across an enterprise
  • code generators and cross platform development tools
  • plug-in components that add specific functionality
  • debuggers that go way beyond the standard debugger that comes with the compiler
  • version control systems so you can recover previous versions of your applications
  • computer based training and e-learning systems
  • Database tools
  • Data Modelling: DA's and DBA's use Data Modelling to design efficient and effective corporate data repositories
  • communications libraries so you can easily add communications abilities to your applications
  • the list goes on and on.

MicroWay Services

MicroWay provides a range of services including:

  • Technical Support: We support all of the products we distribute. Support is available via the telephone on (03) 9580-1333, fax on (03) 9580-8995 or via email to [email protected].
  • Pre-Sales Support: The MicroWay support consultants can also help you to find a product to fit your needs. This is a free service. Telephone MicroWay or email [email protected].

Whatever development tools you are after, the team at MicroWay would be happy to help.


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The MicroWay Team

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For more information please contact the MicroWay sales team:  
Head Office
MicroWay Pty Ltd
PO Box 84,
Braeside, Victoria, 3195, Australia
Ph: 1300 553 313
Fax: 1300 132 709
email: [email protected]
ABN: 56 129 024 825
Sydney Sales Office
MicroWay Pty Ltd
PO Box 1733,
Crows Nest, NSW 1585, Australia
Tel: 1300 553 313
Fax: 1300 132 709
email: [email protected]
ABN: 56 129 024 825
New Zealand Sales Office
MicroWay Pty Ltd (NZ)
PO Box 912026
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 450 168
email: [email protected]

International: call +61 3 9580 1333, fax +61 3 9580 8995

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